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Exercise You Must Follow

There are many blogs, but only some provide reliable and accurate information.

There’s no better way to find the information you need than on the Internet. Fitness apps, influencers, and videos can all be excellent sources of information. But fitness blogs can also be beneficial. You can learn from how the best fitness blogs present their content and interact with readers if you own a fitness business. This article will examine key blogging statistics and what makes a great fitness blog. It also includes 12 blogs that you should be following right now.

New Blogging Statistics That You Should Know

Let’s first look at some of the most recent blogging statistics. Blogging as a content marketing tool has been around for quite some time. It was briefly out of fashion but is now making a significant comeback.

Over time, blogs have become a reservoir of users to which fitness bloggers can direct them towards different resources and information.

Blogs are like the lobby of a fitness gym. They direct you to the room or resource you need to improve your workout and get fitter.

Organic Search is responsible for over half of all online traffic.

Bright Edge reports that organic Search is still the most important source of website traffic, with 53.3%. This proves that organic Search remains a powerful marketing strategy. You can see that blogging is still a valuable tool in content marketing by focusing on SEO.

What Makes A Fitness Blog Successful

Many of the top fitness blogs enjoy a large following. They’re an excellent source for everything health, fitness, and wellbeing. How do they attract such a large following? What strategy do they employ to create such compelling content? We’ll look at the features that make a successful fitness blog.

They solve a problem.

A great blog can solve a problem. People often seek information to solve problems in their lives. A niche can be highly beneficial to your content and business. Your target audience will be more interested in your offer or service if it solves a specific problem.

The Reader is Engaged and Connected

Some of the best blogs create content that educates and informs readers, engages them, and connects with them.

A solid social media presence

Fitness bloggers have a strong presence on social media. They engage and interact with readers both on and off the blog. Social media allows readers to see behind the scenes and grow the relationship between the blogger and the reader. Fitness bloggers often use social media like businesses do to expand their reach and engage their readers.

It takes time to build a great blog; it does not happen overnight. Fitness blogs that have been popular for years are those with high-quality content and lots of dedication. You may be wondering if it’s worth starting your fitness blog. Yes, it is worth starting your fitness blog.

The Best Fitness Programs to Follow

Fitness blogs are a great way to learn about various wellness topics. Some fitness blogs focus more on building Muscle, while others lean toward nutrition and health. The top fitness blogs attract a large audience and engaged readers, no matter the topic. This is a list of 12 of the best fitness blogs you should follow.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness was founded in 2009 to help people lead a healthier life. Steve Kamb wants to help Joes like you. They have programs that allow people to lose weight, gain muscle and become stronger.

The blog section of the Nerd Fitness website is geared towards beginners. One article is all you need to know about their audience. The focus is on getting started, encouraging beginners, and taking that first step towards a healthier life.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fitness professionals Jennipher Seymour and Kristen Walters run the Fit Bottomed World. Love Your Life. They launched the blog to solve a particular problem. They were searching for a healthier way of living. After only a few months, the blog was embraced by readers who immediately related to its content.

Born Fitness

Born Fitness is an excellent source of information on health and fitness. The blog is designed to remove the stress from health, nutrition, and fitness. The blog has a straightforward, no-hype tone and delivers engaging, informative content. Adam Bornstein, founder of Born Fitness, works with fitness experts worldwide to provide clear and helpful responses. Finding solutions for your needs and accessing information free of jargon is essential. Born Fitness was created for people looking for expert advice that is easy to digest.

Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop founded Love Sweat Fitness in 2014.She wants to create a community of friends and support for other people’s health and fitness. The blog is divided into sections for fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and printables. Love Sweat Fitness is a fitness community that offers a variety of recipes, challenges, and apps.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is an online platform for high-quality fitness information backed by scientific evidence.  This blog has a wide variety of content, including reviews, videos, and workout routines.

Jessi Kneeland

This is my favorite blog on the list. Jessi, a writer, coach, and speaker, is dedicate to help other overcome their body issue and promote love of self. Her blog is popular because it has a clear goal and solves problem. Jessi uses written text and video on her blog to discuss topics like body image and self-advocacy. She also discusses ignorance and lack of confidence. Jessi encourages beginners to begin their fitness and health goals with her blog.


We know that we are a valuable resource.

Like our platform, we want to help fitness entrepreneurs be more successful.


Well+Good is a platform for news publication dedicate to health and wellbeing. Two journalist founded it. The site provides news videos and article to help demystify wellness. This website is know to offer top-level report and spot trend. They quickly respond to the latest trends and provide a straightforward approach based on expert knowledge and facts. Well+Good has been a leading boutique fitness, health, and wellness source in just a decade.

Bad Yogi

The Bad Yogi Blog is part of a larger Bad Yogi Website that offers a 12-week yoga program online and clothing. The founders behind Bad Yogi created the blog and website to serve a specific purpose. They discovered that the yoga community was judgmental and exclusive. Bad Yogi’s goal is to “redefine the yoga culture.” The blog is divide into four section yoga fitness recipe and food and motherhood. The article are large devote to self-care and healthy lifestyle.

Keep it Simple

Elle Linton, a UK-based health and fitness blogger, founded Keep it simple. She offer professional insight into the health and fitness industry. Instea of target just consumer her content is aim at people who want to take a peek behind the scene.


The Adidas Runtastic Blog contains information and fitness tips on nutrition, exercise, workouts, and free training programs. A wealth of information can be access for free to help improve health fitness and cardio. The Runtastic Blog is suit for all runner from gentle jogger to marathon enthusiast. Content is create to enhance performance at all fitness level.

Tony Gentilcore

Teach strength train and condition. Tony aims to inspire and motivate you on your fitness and health journey. Find inspirational quotes, posts, practical advice, and workout tips to help you improve your fitness.

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